Rogue - Willstown, sup?

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Rogue - Willstown, sup?

Post  Willstown on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:15 am

Gender, age and location:
31, Male, Newcastle

What do you do when you don't play WoW?:
Console gaming, Cinema, trips out, usual stuff

What is the name of the Character you are applying with?

Do you have any alt names some of our members might know you better as? If so, please list them here:

Would know me best as Willstown

Do you know anyone already in the guild?:
Lots of you people

What's your history on Draenor? When did you come here, which guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them?:
Guardians of Light, Balls (disbanded), Nemuri (atm they have way too many for 10mans and too few for 25s so I’m not going to try and steal someone elses 10 man spot). I got a spot in adept before the expansion but I had to take a break from the game due to some real life stuff that needed sorting.

What is your relationship with PvP?:
Casual only

Character Class:
Rogue Assasination / Combat

What's your preferred role in raids, and why?:
Dps, interrupts. It’s the class, can’t heal with it can’t tank with it.

Have you ever "changed main", if so, what made you do so?
No interest in changing mains

Please provide a link to your Armory profile:

Are you willing to pick up utility talents to improve raid perfromance at the cost of your own DPS/TPS/HPS?:

Do you have any logs to show off how good you are?
(if no, you really should try to get one made, is easy to use to make one)

Not really only raiding I’ve had access to is BH. Those who’ve raided with me should know I’m pretty decent
Is your English good enough for you to communicate on Vetrilo and in text without any problems or delays?

Do you have any problems with listening to instructions or talking on ventrilo if needed?
No problems

Does your ISP or hardware ever hold you back from performing your best in raids?

Extremely rarely
Can you Normally attend all of our raid times? (Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 20:30->24:00 gametime):

Do you do anything to make sure you play as good as your class can be played?:

What's your relation to Keybinds?:
I’ve got a pretty tasty setup now

How often do you use potions?:
Every fight

Are you willing to reflask even if its just for 1 more pull?

Are you willing to do the needed gold/rep farming to always have the best enchants and gems on your gear?
Sure, I don’t have some of the maelstrom chants on my gear at the moment. I wasn’t keen to sure that sort of cash on the blues, the cash has been invested in epics instead.

Which professions do you have?:

Full ench and alch. Most other profs in the 500+s on alts

Are you fussed about loot?:
Nah it comes around

Tell us about the last time you did a major mistake during a raid:
Blade flurry + adds = fail on Saurfang

What do you like to do in game when you don't raid?:

Alaways a grind or and achievement to hit up, that and farming.

Why apply to us? And is there anything else you would like to say about yourself?:
I’d rather apply somewhere with people I know can play already. Your roster doesn’t seem to have any raiding Rogues so I thought it was worth a shot.


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Re: Rogue - Willstown, sup?

Post  Conanette on Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:03 pm

Hi and thank you for your application.

Im afraid its going to be a no from us, best of luck finding a suitable guild.

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